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Educational Resources for Therapeutic Musicians

Welcome to Fundamentals with Feeling, your platform for learning opportunities that will take your therapeutic music practice to new levels of healing, connection, and peace.

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Meet Nicole

Professional Harpist & Certified Clinical Musician
Master's-Level Therapist
Certified Life Coach
Owner of NEA Music, LLC
Founder of The Hiking Harpist™
Harp for Healing Mentor

My Story

As a professional harpist for over 12 years, I had grown very comfortable with learning music, arranging, and performing. However, I always felt like my true passion in music was missing. That is, until I discovered Therapeutic Music.

I had been living dual lives, one as a master's-level therapist and Life Coach, and the other as a freelance musician, when one day, I realized I couldn't continue like this. I wanted music to be at the forefront of my career, but didn't want my background in mental health to go to waste. I did some research and came across therapeutic music certification courses, and I knew this was the right path for me.

Fast forward a couple years, when I became a Certified Clinical Musician. Suddenly, my whole world opened up. All of my training started making sense. I was able to narrow my musical skills down to the fundamentals that would benefit me in my therapeutic work. I no longer felt like I needed to be perfect, or know all the advanced techniques. I started focusing on playing with feeling, communicating messages to the listener. In doing so, I found new levels of confidence in my playing.

I wasn't the only one who felt a shift in my playing. In a short amount of time, I began getting consistent paid work as a clinical musician. I started getting more jobs as a performer - and felt a lot less nerves and overwhelm at my gigs! I have won awards, been featured in the local press, and been published in the Harp Therapy Journal. Best of all, I am able to share my passion for healing music and feel like I'm really making a difference in people's lives.

Throughout my journey, I have networked with many other musicians and kept note of the most prominent themes, struggles, and questions that we have. As therapeutic musicians, our approach is unique, but yet we do not have a lot of resources to hone our skills once we graduate with our certifications. I decided that I wanted to take all that I have learned and compile it, making courses specifically for those in the therapeutic music field. I am happy to share these resources with you here.

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